Price List

Full Funeral Package:    $7265.00

  • Includes services of funeral director and staff, embalming, removal, funeral in funeral home or church, one day visitation or viewing, shelter of remains one additional day, use of hearse, , (within 50 mile radius).
    20 Gauge Casket of your choice and a concrete vault. (Does Not Include Cash Advances or sales tax on merchandise) 

    GRAVESIDE SERVICE  PACKAGE  $5215.00  Includes the following: Basic services of the directors and staff, removal, embalming, other prep, 20 gauge casket of your choice, two piece concrete vault, Memorial folders and register book, Hearse to go to the cemetery.(DOES NOT INCLUDE) Cash advance items such as open /close of the grave, interment fees to the cemetery if any, flowers for the casket, honorariums to the clergy, tent and equipment at the cemetery, Death certificates

    Direct Cremations Starting at $1250.00
  • Our charge for a Direct Cremation without any attendant rites or ceremonies includes, removal and temporary shelter of remains, local transportation to the crematory, necessary services of the funeral directors and staff. arrangement conference with the family, alternative container.

Memorial Service with cremation   $1650.00                                                                                            Includes the following items, transfer of the remains (local) Basic services of the funeral directors and staff, other preparations of the body, use of facilities and staff for a memorial service, or staff and equipment for a memorial service at the funeral home or other location, and the cremationIf you want a Visitation add $250.00DOES NOT INCLUDE: Cash advance items such as flowers , honorariums to the pastor or death certificates, book or memorial folders


We use several different casket companies to give you the best choices of caskets.  Here are just a few samples of what we have at this time.  These change out on a regular basis and may be discontinued without notice. You may also visit these web sites for other information.

A complete list will be provided at the funeral home. 

$1044.00 to $7,190.00

Outer Burial Containers:

A complete list will be provided at the funeral home.

$1250.00 to $5800.00